Results from 50,000 customers aged between 25 and 70 from cooperative beauty salon show that 73.3% of them saw visible facial skin improvements in only 2-4 weeks. 12.6% of them saw visible results within 60 days.

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How to take care of your face?

There are countless skin care products on the market, so how do you choose a product that suits you?

First of all, the most important thing is to understand your skin type. Only by understanding your skin type can you better choose the right products for you.

Choose skin care products  according to skin type

  • Oily skin: When choosing skin care products, your choice is to control oil and easy wear.
  • Dry skin: Of course, it is the opposite of oily skin. Moisturizing is the first choice.
  • Normal skin: At this time, you can be willful. You can use many products without special attention.
  • Combination skin: In fact, many people now have mixed skin. This needs to be adjusted according to their skin condition.
  • Sensitive skin: There are many people of this type, so you should pay special attention to choosing skin care products. Products that contain alcohol, flavor, and antiseptic ingredients should be used as little as possible.

Of course, in addition to normal skin care, we can choose some functional products to use, such as whitening, anti-wrinkle and so on. After figuring out our skin type, then we have to choose products that suit our skin. The PH value of our normal skin surface is about 5~7. PH value=7 is the middle value, then <7, it is acidic; >7, it is alkaline. Therefore, our skin is weakly acidic (for details, you can use Google keyword search: skin PH value, there are already many relevant information, documented) So next, I will briefly explain the category of skin care products, you can choose according to your skin type.

Facial cleanser

It is mainly used for cleaning. Try to choose mild surfactants, such as: glucoside, betaine, amino acids and so on. And like sulfates, such as sodium laureth sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, these cleaning power is relatively strong, the PH value is also relatively alkaline. For sensitive skin and dry skin, don’t use it and also use in oily skin as little as possible. But If you buy it, you can also use it in turn with a mild facial cleanser.


Wash your face after removing makeup, and before getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Cleansing the face is an important part of skin care. If the face is not cleaned, the skin will gradually become dry and rough, which will lead to enlarged pores. Especially for oily skin, facial cleansing is particularly important. Do not rub when washing your face, but massage gently.



In fact, there are many categories of toners, and we make different choices for different needs. When it comes to this, we have to confirm our skin type, because only by recognizing what our skin type is, we can choose the right one. Follow-up essence, lotion, and cream are the same.

Let me introduce it directly according to the type of skin type:

The most obvious feature of oily skin is oil. Toner with astringent effect is particularly suitable for you, for example, some brands of conditioning toner can be used. The main purpose is to reduce the amount of oil, play a role in convergence and unclog pores.

When it comes to dry skin, I think it is the easiest to take care of, because this type of skin is dry and lacking in water. At this time, as long as you do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing, it will be foolproof.

For sensitive skin and sensitive skin, try not to use more functional toner. Sensitive skin is like oily skin, you should use less skin care products. You can wipe the toner according to the dry skin care method, and use less various preservatives, ethanol, or essences… Try to choose those big brands that are suitable for sensitive skin. There are definitely a lot of recommendations when you search for related words on the Internet, not much to say here. You can choose carefully according to your own situation.

Combination skin usually have dry cheeks but oily T-zone. T-zone produces more oil than other parts of your face. This kind of skin care can be combined with oily skin and dry skin. Use astringent toner for nose and moisturizing toner for cheeks.


There are many types of essences, such as whitening, soothing, anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkle, repair, too many, this is based on your needs at the time, so I won’t mention it here.


Of course, when you choose, you should also pay attention to what type of skin you are. For example, for whitening, if you have dry skin, you have a wide choice of skin care products containing whitening ingredients. Almost all of them can be selected. For oily skin, you should consider at this time. Some VC products feel very greasy to use, then I think You can ignore this kind of products and look for ones that can control oil and have whitening effects, such as niacinamide, etc. Anyway, with so many brands and so many models, there is always one that suits you.


Eye cream

The area around the eyes is a very important place. Improper care will only cause you to have eye wrinkles earlier. Girls who loves to laugh is going to use eye cream early, it is true that the older you are, the fine lines are slowly appearing now, and you can’t even recognize the old. Although it is not necessary to use anti-wrinkle eye cream at a young age. But I think the anti-wrinkle eye cream is effective early. It is a preventive effect. If you use it when you already have wrinkles, it is useless. So here, I suggest using an eye cream or eye serum that writes flimsy Anti-wrinkle type.


First of all, you need to prepare eye creams, eye essences and other special eye products. Don’t ignore the small area of the eye. If you don’t take care of it, it will look old. Many people ignore eye care, which is obviously incorrect. When applying it, you must never apply it on your eyelids, and don’t get too close to your eyes, otherwise it is easy to grow fat particles. I have tried it as a lesson for you.


Emulsion cream

Lotion or cream is not necessary, because the function of lotion or cream is mainly moisturizing, of course, there are other ingredients in it, such as anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidation and so on. So if the previous steps are enough to meet the requirements of the season, you can omit this. Especially oily skin, pay attention. Dry skin, whatever you want. Mixed, zoned, sensitive skin, anti-irritation.


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