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Precautions for the use of home hair removal instrument

Regardless of men and women, having smooth skin is what many people dream of. Many people will try their best to remove body hair, and a hair removal device is a good choice. However, there are many precautions for the use of such a precision instrument as a hair removal instrument, and it may affect the effect if it is not clearly understood in advance.


  1. Attention should be paid to shaving the hair first

Before using the home hair removal device, be sure to shave first, and it is best to shave as short as possible. Because in this way, the energy of the home hair removal device can be applied to the hair follicles in the skin more smoothly. If the home hair removal device is used directly without shaving, the effect of hair removal will be greatly reduced.


  1. The home hair removal device should be avoided after summer exposure

The home hair removal device is good, but the sisters must pay attention to avoid adapting after being exposed to the sun when adapting. Because after exposure to the sun, there will be melanin in the color master cells of our hair follicles and skin, which may activate the superficial pigments, which is more likely to cause darker skin or pigmentation. The best choice for hair removal is in spring or winter, because the skin is not tanned and fairer. Adapting to the home hair removal device can target the melanin of hair follicles and is more targeted.


  1. Pay attention to protect your eyes when using the home epilator

Nowadays, some well-known home hair removal devices on the market rely on lasers. When the laser home hair removal devices are output, there will be light. In order to avoid eye irritation, it is best to wear sunglasses.


  1. Pay attention to perpendicular to the skin when using the home hair removal device

People who are using the home hair removal device are suitable, and we must pay attention to that the mouth of the home hair removal device should be perpendicular to the skin, so that the light can not be exposed to achieve the best hair removal effect. Otherwise it will cause a lot of time to be ineffective.


5.Avoid tattoos and dark skin areas when using the home hair removal device

In the process of using the home hair removal device, you must pay attention to avoid tattooed parts, and darker skin. Because these parts usually accumulate a large amount of melanin, the principle of IPL is to allow melanin to absorb strong light. After the chromoblast cells are exposed to strong light, the pigment is dispersed, and more melanin will be secreted to protect themselves, resulting in skin becoming more black. This is also the reason why people with normal skin color often feel that their skin color becomes darker in a short time after the fight.


  1. Pay attention to strengthening sun protection after using the home hair removal device

After using the home hair removal device, you must pay attention to strengthening sun protection, because this can prevent the laser hair removal part from turning black due to pigment deposition. Generally speaking, you should wear long clothes and trousers to cover the hair removal area, and apply sunscreen or use a sun umbrella to avoid exposure of the laser hair removal area to the sun. In addition, be careful not to swim outdoors in summer, because the ultraviolet rays in the water are more intense, which is more likely to cause black after hair removal.


  1. Avoid acid-containing skin care products after using the home hair removal device

You need to pay attention to the sister paper of the home hair removal device. The acid-containing skin care products such as fruit acid used for whitening cannot be used after hair removal, because the skin after hair removal is particularly fragile and sensitive. Then apply acidic skin care. Products (body lotion, face cream, etc.) are prone to irritation to the skin of the depilated area.


8.When using the home hair removal device, pay attention to avoid using it on the wound

When use the home hair removal device, you must be carefully If you have a wound, best to avoid it. This kind of area cannot be depilated, because the principle of the hair removal device is to let the light energy act on the melanin of the hair follicle to make it hypnotic, but the darker skin area will gather A lot of melanin, so using a hair removal device will affect the skin itself. The energy of the depilator will stimulate the subcutaneous tissue at the wound and cause inflammation.

In addition, photosensitive skin, as well as girls during pregnancy, should be careful not to use home hair removal devices, because using home hair removal devices for photosensitive skin can cause allergic reactions such as erythema and itching. Girls friends during pregnancy, using the hair removal device will cause irritation.


  1. When using the home hair removal device, be careful not to irradiate the same area continuously

Generally, it is enough to irradiate each place with the hair removal device once, because the hair removal device works on the melanin in the hair follicles, and the growth cycle of the hair follicles belongs to the “rotating system”. This batch of “sleeping”, new A batch of “wake up”, even if it is irradiated many times in one place in a short time, the effect is still very limited.


When use the home hair removal device, you must be careful not to continuously irradiate the same position. If the photon hair removal device is used to illuminate more times within 10 seconds, the heat sensation on the skin may be more obvious. Since repeated irradiation can cause damage to the skin, it is better to perform a second scan after all the scans are completed than continuous irradiation of the same area. The hair removal device needs to be used once every other time, repeated use in this way can make the hair follicle lose its vitality, and the less the hair will be.


  1. Pay attention to gentle moisturizing after using the household hair removal device

Every time after using the home hair removal device, you should pay attention to using some simple body milk with a mild PH value and pure moisturizing ingredients. Body milk can be used to moisturize and soothe the skin after hair removal, so as not to make the skin become Too dry, fragile and sensitive.

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